ULTRON® collaborates with logistic partner Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE), the world’s largest retail business, communications and postal service centre franchise, with more than 6,500 centres worldwide in over 30 countries, and 40 outlets throughout the Malaysia to ensure speedy and reliable product delivery to every single customer around the world.


Through the strategic partnership with MBE, all ULTRON® products purchased online  will be dispatched within 3 working days via one of the panel courier companies as below. Every single order will be provided with the respective courier company's shipment tracking number for easy tracking.


Lastly and most importantly, understanding the importance of making online shopping affordable, ULTRON® charges the ONE OF THE LOWEST SHIPPING FEES in Malaysia; RM 5 for every 3 items, regardless of product type and weight.

1-3 pieces = RM5.00
4-6 pieces = RM10.00
7-9 pieces = RM15.00
10-12 pieces = RM20.00
13-15 pieces = RM25.00
16-18 pieces = RM30.00
19-21 pieces = RM35.00


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